Wednesday 18 January 2012

Making Mini 10th Doctor

Over the three or so years I have been writing my blogs and sharing my experiences making my costumes, I have from time to time received messages from readers who have been inspired to pick up a needle and thread and sew for themselves.
Some have followed the instructions I have written; others have simply been incentivised to start a pipe-dream project they had been putting off.

Well this week I had an email from a reader showing me their Matt Smith and David Tennant creations made for their 4 year old son, telling me it was all down to my blog!

I was amazed. These little costumes are very well observed, executed and fit real well (with a little growing room).

I had to find out more. After a couple of emails I now have the background story to the costumes, so for the first time I’m gonna hand over my blog to one of my reader to tell you more.

This was my first attempt at making clothing of any kind. For many years I had been making soft furnishings for my own home and various other crafty projects, but a small boy with a Doctor Who obsession dictated that I should give costume making a go.

Following my 11th Doctor jacket and a visit to The Doctor Who Experience and actually seeing the costumes in the flesh, I got rather obsessed with the idea of making a ‘Tennant coat’.

I had already gathered the suit, shirt and tie from browsing eBay and various charity shops for the closest tie I could to any of the many 10th Doctor ties (please see the amazing section on 10th Doctor ties!) and down-sizing it to fit a 3 year old.