Saturday 24 October 2009

The Five Doctors

No, the title of the posting is not a reference to the classic 20th Anniversary special from 1983, but to collectively the Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Tenth Doctors!


Well, I have been having a lot of fun recently, slowly expanding the costume pieces I do.
To start with, they all appeared together in the original Tennant Coat or Tennant Suit blogs, but I have since started building separate blogs to cover the costumes of each Doctor, so they are easier to find and digest.

So far I have added a special blog for the Fifth Doctor to cover the Five Trousers and Five Coat I have been working on.
I also added a blog for the Sixth Doctor, to pull out the information about making my Six Trousers.

This past week I have added the Seventh Doctor blog as I have been working on a replica of the Hanky that goes around his hat (see left).

Now I am adding the Third Doctor to the portfolio! This is because I am starting working on making the Inverness Cape he is often seen wearing.
I am doing it as part of the college course I am currently on.

So start checking out my other blogs as I slowly add to them.


  1. Oh admit it you will make yourself all 11 ;)

  2. Hey!!! Wow, you have such a great hand for cloths, Im really impressed! Im actually googleing a way to fix a new baggy suit but its so difficult to find a solution without destroying it...Im the sort of do it yourself person, and have my own bermina machines so i thought of giving it s shot...the thing is that the body is a little baggy for me, for some reason it looks like a box with sho arms, and Im a quite skinny young male,so i would want it to look sharp (tight...) on my hips and waist...

    Anyways, great blogs and great designs! I loved every single coats and suits you have been working on your posts. Keep it up!