Saturday 29 October 2011

Carry On Doctor!

Well, my coats are starting to get seen places!

My friend in Canada, Justin Monk, was recently approached to be part of an unusual photo-shoot for a new website. Called Nerd Girl Pinups, it certain does what it says on the tin!

To kick off there’s some nice shots of Justin in full Ten outfit, posing by his home-made TARDIS!

Some great coat action going on there!

Then up pops our Nerd Girl Pin up!
Or is it Rose ...?

And - well!

Things seem to start to get a little - how shall I say - steamy?

And I had Justin down as a happily married man!

She seems to find The Doctor, well, tasty!

Pass the salt!

Now, it’s when the inflatable Dalek comes out that things get a bit more fun!

Wait a minute - isn’t that The Doctor’s sonic she’s got her hands on there?
It’s got at least three settings, I’m sure . . .

Where’s The Doctor’s coat gone?
Oh, there it is!

I say, that’s an awfully big gun she’s got there.

She seems very please to see The Doctor.

You can read the background to the photoshoot in the dw_cosplay forum.
The full album of pictures can be seen over on Nerd Girl Pinups, along with a whole host of other young ladies for your cosplay-inspired entertainment.

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