Sunday 5 February 2012

Louise Page and my Tennant Coat

As you will have seen, costume designer Louise Page recently visited me again this week so that we could do a proper on-camera interview for my blogs.

While she was with me she got the opportunity to see one of my latest Tennant Coats.

She was most impressed with my work and my attention to detail. The back of the coat, with its complex darts, box pleat and buttoned vent particularly caught her eye.

But she was most taken with the custom lining I had specially woven last year.

She explained how the original had come from the stock room of Angels, and there was only just enough for the prototype (which was displayed at Earl’s Court) and three screen-used coats (one of which is at Olympia, prior to its move to a permanent home in Cardiff Bay).

We had the chance to compare mine with her sample of the original and it was a pretty good match.

I hadn’t had the benefit of access to her swatch, so I did the best I could, which had proved to be very good all things considered.

Watch out very soon on the Tennant Suit Blog, as well as on here, for some choice sound bites from Louise as she talks exclusively about creating the iconic look for the Tenth Doctor, including a tie-by-tie back-story.


  1. These posts are incredibly exciting!

    I've been busy again lately so I've only been able to read from my RSS feed in Mac Mail.

    I can't wait to see the video.

  2. You are SO lucky to have been given a piece of the ACTUAL material used on the coat. I remember shortly after people fell in love with tenth's coat they were asking where to get the material and obsessed over duplicating it. Very interesting to learn that they made 4 coats too! However, MANY people have attempted to replicate Tennant's coat and none of them have ever been anywhere near the same. Did you ask her about the possibility of the BBC releasing patterns for the actual coat? I also remember them once saying that they could "no longer get hold of the same material" and it's a rare suede? Is this true? Did you get time to ask that too? I've always wanted David Tennant's coat. But I want an EXACT replica. Will this happen one day? :D

    I look forward to a reply.