Sunday 3 June 2012

Louise Page - my precious memento

You will hopefully have seen the interviews I have conducted with costume designer Louise Page about her time creating the look and clothes for the Tenth Doctor.
I have now met her half a dozen times and resisted the urge to be a fanboy and ask for her autograph.

She is a real icon for designing the coat and suit I love so much, so asking her to just sign some photograph or a page of a book would not seem fitting enough for the esteem I hold her in.

When we first met at a local Starbucks, she brought along a large swatch of the fabric from the Tennant Coat and kindly gave it to me to keep.

During a later visit we discussed the blue suit at length, and she pulled out an equally large swatch of the blue suit fabric. Again I was thrilled to be given the swatch to keep.

Well this last visit I finally found THE one thing I wanted her to sign for me.

To keep the swatches safe and in pride of place, I found the perfect frame with a double mount to display them.
I keep it on top of my bookcase of tailoring books, along with my Matt Smith autographed convention brochure.

This was the perfect thing to finally ask her to sign, so she kindly captioned the two swatches on the mount and signed her name along the side.

She very much liked how I had framed the swatches, and was very happy to autograph it for me.

I now have the most FANTASTIC memento of meeting her. Thank you Louise!!


  1. Now that you have an authentic swatch of Blue suit fabric, can you give your opinion on Magnoli's new "Indigo and Rust red" fabric?
    I know that the only way to get the sheen in photographs would be to dye a lighter fabric, apart from that how does Magnoli's stack up?

  2. Very cool, very Jealous! How does the coat fabric line up to the material you found all those years ago?

    1. It stands up pretty well against the swatch. The teak is a bit warmer by comparison, but the density of colour and feel of the nap stands up pretty well.

    2. Great!

      How about to the Alcantara? Would love to see how close that was!

    3. The Alcantara does have the flecking the swatch has, but the nap isn’t as deep.
      I always knew it wasn't THE right fabric - but it's another good alternative, though prohibitively expensive.