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Bonhams auction - 12th December 2012

It’s nearly December, and that means yet another Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale.

As usual Doctor Who gets a look in, with a range of eras represented, including a stunningly colourful poster for the second Peter Cushing Dalek film, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD.

But the main items on offer cover the now finished spin-off series, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.

Since both these series had the bulk of their runs alongside the Tennant era, I have listed them here in full.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures

Lot 150
Torchwood, Series 1 - Countrycide: A scale prop corpse model, with a slit-throat rolled in plastic sheeting, 2006, with numerous abrasions and cuts to the body, made of rubberised foam latex, splattered with fake blood, modelled to be hung by the feet, length - 72 inches (183cm.)
Estimate: £200 - 300
Sold for £250

Lot 151
Torchwood, 2006 - 2011: Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman): A full length RAF blue Great Coat, double breasted with domed gilt RAF-style buttons with raised wings and crown motif and Group Captain epaulettes, well worn with simulated bullet holes to each sleeve, labelled in the inside jacket pocket Angels, handwritten in blue ink John Barrowman, April '06, with attached BBC stock number
Estimate: £700 - 900
Sold for £2,125

Lot 152
Torchwood 2006 - 2011: Captain Jack Harkness's safe door, of wood, with metal plaque applied 'Milners Patent Fire Resisting Strong Holdfast Safe' and metal lock escutcheon, with further plastic safe dial attached marked 'Ilco Unican USA', 27½ x 78 x 2½ inches (69x198x6cm)
Estimate: £500 - 700
Sold for £312

Lot 153
Torchwood 2006 - 2011: Captain Jack Harkness's office bedroom hatch door, of wooden construction, overpainted, with handle to top, height 38 inches (97cm)
Estimate: £300 - 400
Sold for £250

Lot 154
Torchwood, Series 2 - Reset: A Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) costume, 2008, comprising of; a black crêpe fitted suit jacket, with red and white gingham machine silk lining, labelled inside Paul Smith, with black suit trousers, unlabelled, a burgundy vest top labelled Elie Tahar and black square cut handbag of faux crocodile with leather interior
Estimate: £300 - 500
Sold for £625

Lot 155
Torchwood, Series 2 - Meat: A costume for Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), 2008, items include; a red collarless fitted shirt embroidered with flower motif to yoke, sides and cuffs, and a black leather biker jacket with zip pockets, labelled inside Jade, Leather Wear, with attached BBC stocknumber
Estimate: £500 - 700
Sold for £312

Lot 156
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 1 Pilot- Invasion of the Bane: A complete Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) 'Hero' costume, 2007, comprising: 6 maroon coloured velvet 'Karen Millen' coat with beige coloured stitching; a black and brown stripe dress of cotton/ lycra mix; cerise pink 'Karen Millen' cardigan with grey coloured pearlised buttons; a pair of maroon coloured tights and a pair of flat 'Bally' black knee high 'pony skin' boots, each with BBC asset number and label attached, boots size 37
Estimate: £500 - 600
Sold for £1,250

Lot 157
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 1 - Warriors of Kudlak: Two Slab costumes, 2007, each comprising; black motorcycle helmet, black motorcycle suit of man made fabric with fluorescent piping, pair of biker type gloves, a pair of black biker style boots, belt (one labelled 'Joe') and a necklace with plastic medallion/ card, with applied symbols, each with suit carrier bearing original BBC stock numbers, listed as Slab #2 and Slab #5, items with a variety of actor names labelled within
Estimate: £250 - 300
Sold for £350

Lot 158
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 3 - The Mad Woman In The Attic: A complete Eve costume, 2008, comprising; 9 black lycra top with attached red coloured chiffon/ net skirt, vest with red patterned full length chiffon sleeves, black chiffon and red chiffon full length over robes, burgundy chiffon collar, together with lycra undergarments and a pair of black ballet pumps, cover bag with original BBC stock numbers
Estimate: £200 - 250
Sold for £250

Lot 159
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 3 and 4 - Prisoner of Judoon/ The Vault of Secrets: An Androvax costume, 2008 and 2010, comprising; black biker style jacket and matching trousers, in cotton/ synthetic mix fabric, with crocodile skin effect finish, the trousers with elasticated braces , the jacket with foam latex spines to shoulder and back seams with silvered buckle to front, a pair grey leather biker style boots and undergarments including black lycra vest, together with two 'straight' jackets of heavy grey cotton, with applied painted symbol motif and silvered buckles, all pieces with original BBC stock numbers
Estimate: £300 - 400
Sold for £450

Lot 160
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 4: A collection of Clyde Langer (Daniel Anthony) costumes, 2010, comprising:15 items The Vault of Secrets - a complete costume, including; a pair of blue 'Pierre Cardin' jeans, a blue coloured 'Topman' cotton t-shirt, a blue 'Gap' hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of white 'Everlast' Hightop trainers with red and grey detail (5); The Empty Planet - a costume, including; a pair of black jeans, a 'Gap cotton grey coloured hooded sweatshirt, and a peach coloured 'H&M' grey edged polo shirt (3); Lost In Time - a complete costume comprising; a black leather 'All Saints' biker style jacket, a white and blue patterned 'River Island' shirt, a ribbed green coloured 'Topman' vest, a pair of dark blue 'Topman' jeans, black leather belt, and a pair of grey coloured canvas boots (7) (15 items)
Estimate: £350 - 400
Sold for £500

Lot 161
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 4 - Death of the Doctor: A Shansheeth part costume, 2010, comprising: a full length long-sleeved purple velvet robe with Velco to back; purple plush velvet cape and sleeves, with further velvet collar, boot covers together with large black net petticoat, labelled 'Paul' and undergarments with original BBC stock numbers
Estimate: £250 - 300
Sold for £687

'Death of the Doctor' is one of only two episode of the SJA to feature Matt Smith as the Doctor. The Shansheeth are a species of Vulture type creatures.

Lot 162
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 4 - The Vault of Secrets: Two Mister Dread costumes, 2010, comprising: two identical black two-piece Hugo Boss suits, of black wool; two white cotton 'Marks & Spencer' shirts, a black tie and two pairs of knotted black cufflinks together with pair of black 'Marks & Spencer' leather boots and a belt, all with original BBC stock number labels
Estimate: £250 - 300
Sold for £200

Lot 163
The Sarah Jane Adventures, 2007 - 2011: Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith Sarah Jane's car - A 1991 Nissan Figaro Two-Door Targa Coupé.

Registration No. - J337 KAE
Chassis No. - FK10017309
Manufactured November 1991
First registered in the UK April 2007
MOT Expired - February 2012
Engine Capacity 1000cc, Right Hand Drive
Automatic Transmission, in 'emerald green' coloured bodywork and white/white coloured leather and velour interior
Estimate: £4,000 - 6,000
Sold for £6,000

This is the second registration to feature in the show, but remained Sarah Jane's vehicle until the series ended in 2011.

Created due to the burgeoning interest in European classic cars amongst Japanese car collectors in the 1980s, Nissan produced four retro inspired cars emulating 1960s European styling but incorporating up-to-the minute Japanese technology. Previewed in 1989 and launched in 1991, the Figaro was the fourth of these. A turbocharged, Micra-powered sportscar, it was soon in such demand that a lottery was organised to determine the lucky owners of the limited run of 20,000 produced.

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