Tuesday 7 July 2015

Original 10th Doctor items on eBay -
July 2015

This month there are a couple of Tenth Doctor related items on eBay, some of which have come from previous Bonhams costume sales.

Futurekind Cheiftain costume

A rare opportunity to obtain a complete original screen used Futurekind Cheiftain costume from Doctor Who: Utopia as worn by Paul Marc Davies.

The multiple layered costume, comprises;
  • Wrist braces
  • A pair of shin protectors
  • Leather body armour
  • Suede effect hood applied to heavy cotton tunic
  • Further leather tunic
  • Grey leather gauntlets
  • Knitted cotton tunic
  • Suede trousers
  • Leather leg guards
  • A pair of grey suede boots

Daleks Take Manhattan -
Dalek Hybrid Sec (full costume)
An Original full costume which includes a part script that came in the coat pocket(from that scene) This is full and complete still has ooze marks on the shirt that was present at filming. Comes with Shoes, trousers, shirt, braces, tie, jacket and hat and coat (the coat was worn before he became a dalek hybrid) plus the part script. An absolute one off that was sold by Bomhams a few years back.

This costume was also used in various Dr Who exhibitions. Buyer has to pickup due to value and weight of costume. Would look great displayed with a replica head.

See my auction for the extra shirt that was included in original sale by Bonhams.

Daleks Take Manattan -
Dalek Hybrid Sec (spare shirt)

An original black shirt shirt that was worn by Dalek Sec in the double parter Daleks take Manhattan. This was part of the lot I won with the full costume from Bonhams(see my other auction.)

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