Sunday 20 February 2011


One recent fixture of the Gallifrey conventions has been Scott Sebring, who provides a photoshoot service to cosplayers and their costumes.

Photo by Scott Sebring
Where most conventions would make a charge and rush people through, Scott (being a fan himself) takes his time to make sure everyone gets the shot they wanted, and does not charge them a cent for doing so!


Using professional lighting and a decent background, he churns out quality shot after shot, giving a gloss to the efforts of every costume maker.

While at Gallifrey I bumped into a couple of people I had made coats for, and they were proudly wearing them too! They weren’t expecting me to be there and were suitably surprised.

It was an opportunity I could not miss, as when I am asked to make a coat it is done and gone, and two are rarely together at once – this weekend we have FIVE of my coats (including my own).

Scott was dressed in an excellent replica Peter Cushing costume while taking our photos, which was a bit weird, but only added to the atmosphere of the day.

Once we co-ordinated everyone to be at the same place at the same time, we just about squeezed onto the background, and with a bit of nudging up we fitted in frame.

We did three poses:

First we all lined up, trying to keep everyone in frame.
Personally I like the tighter cropped ones towards the end (see below).

All photos by Scott Sebring
Left to right, Kevin Coppa; Steven Ricks; Josianne Morel; Daniel Pawlik; and Ramie Tateishi.

All photos by Scott Sebring
We then reformed with Josianne seated, Ramie resting on the back of her chair; Daniel leaving on his shoulder, holding a screen-accurate water pistol; I had my hand on Josianne’s shoulder; and Kevin was engrossed in a Time Lord pocket watch (see left).

All photos by Scott Sebring

Finally we did a pose to my own suggestion.
I quite like taking a little inspiration from period photographs from Doctor Who, the quirky ones with a bit of thought behind them.

I did a similar thing on Hound Tor, when I based a photo-shoot on an original pose of Sarah Jane from The Time Warrior!

This time round I am inspired by a photo from 1975 of Terry Nation with Tom Baker (see left). As I was the maker of all these coat, I am standing over them – puppet master style!

All photos by Scott Sebring

By the end we had some wonderful shots, and I’d like to personally thank Kevin, Josianne, Daniel and Ramie for putting up with endless posing.
Above all I would especially want to thank Scott Sebring for being a fantastic, patient and understanding photographer!
Here are my personal favourites from the shoot.

Photo by Scott Sebring

Photo by Scott Sebring

Photo by Scott Sebring


  1. It was a blast to take those pictures and and even greater thrill to get to know you. You're certainly one of the good guys!

  2. In the second picture from the top, the guy on the far left with the glasses, his Tennant Coat has a really nice fit to it. Did he request a slightly more tailored version? A shorter length etc?

    (I assume he's the one you made the ultimate Tennant suit for?).

    Also, I was curious, given the length of time and all the changes made since, have you considered rereviewing Magnoli's Tennant Suit/Tennant Suit Fabric?

    I've also wondered if you have ever actually considered teaming up with him on the Tennant Suit/Coat front.

    Just some thoughts I've been meaning to ask!

    When I get the time, I'll get you some pictures of that Jacket you sent me, I've just been really busy lately!

  3. Hello,
    Josianne told me you might be the gentleman to contact about commissioning an excellent Ten coat.

    I'm very glad to hear you had such a great time at Gallifrey One. I was quite shocked and saddened to hear that the conventions over there are so staid. I assumed with 90% of the populace aware of Doctor Who, the gatherings would be extraordinary.
    It was my first Gallifrey One as well, but I am quite accustomed to anime conventions, which are quite like you experienced but with a younger crowd and much stranger costumes.

    The ribbons actually began with a friend of mine, who introduced them at Anime Los Angeles, a convention he runs a month earlier in the same hotel. The same group (with a shuffling of duties) run Gallifrey, so they introduced it there with much success.