Saturday 15 December 2012

Midnight - first night

I got to the hotel not long after lunchtime, so had the drop on most people and checked in quickly.
After a bit of time in my room unpacking my costumes and sorting out my WiFi, I went down to the lobby to register for the event.

By now the place was packed, and full of fans checking in and milling around.

The convention is taking place in the Hilton hotel close to Birmingham International Airport, so reminds me no end of the set up for Gallifrey One in Los Angeles.

On the way down to the opening ceremony I had one if those awkward yet flattering moments in the lift.
Standing next to some one, they looked at me, pointed, and said “You’re Steve Ricks!”
I always enjoy speaking to readers of my blogs as at least it proves someone is reading them! But it's un-nerving when you are recognised by a stranger.
Awkward introductions over we had a cool chat in the lobby, during which it emerged he had recently snapped up a pair of All Saints boots on eBay - the same pair a friend had spotted, but had missed out on when the auction suddenly closed early. Now I know why!

The main hall was filling up, so I found a seat in the gold ticketed area to wait for the opening ceremony, due to kick off at 8pm. By 8.30 I was fidgeting in my seat as it still hadn’t started.

The monotony is broken by a member of staff putting a Santa hat on a Dalek at the front of the stage. This prompts a flurry of flashes as a lot of people rush forward for a photo. Everyone needs to pace themselves me thinks!

It’s not even started and we’re running FIFTY minutes late.

I’m then subjected to the Midnight police, who not only want you to have phones on silent - but demand flight mode so no Facebook, Twitter or Internet! Bloody Kaleds!
Must say its taking the shine off the event already.

Finally we get going and after some introductions we get to see the guests who are already here (David and Billie are only here for the Sunday).

Here is the list of guests.

Here to host some of the panels is BlogtorWho webmaster Cameron K McEwan.
Gary Russell
One time editor of Doctor Who Magazine, now part time script editor on the Who universe.
James Swallow
James has the notoriety of being the only British writer on Star Trek, and has written Peacemaker, a Tenth Doctor novel.
Tony Lee
Tony is a comic book writer, and has written the Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover, as well as a number of Big Finish productions.
Barnaby Edwards
Long time lead Dalek operator, Barnaby has been writing Big Finish production and appeared as a mysterious Monk in the Pond Life prequels.
Phil Ford
Phil has script written a number of Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as the new RTD series, Wizards vs Aliens.
Annette Badlands
Annette appeared in series one as a Slitheen, and now has a regular part in Wizards vs Aliens.
Dan Starkey
Dan has the distinction of playing almost all the Sontarans on Doctor Who since series three.
Anjli Mohindra
Anjli played Rani on The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Gareth David Lloyd
Gareth is a firm fan favourite, having played Ianto Jones in Torchwood.
Eve Myles
Finally tonight, we met Eve, who I must say is worth every penny! She gives as good as she gets and is a game girl.
Oh yeah, she was in Torchwood.

The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

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