Monday 17 December 2012

Midnight - nearing the end

The main event of Midnight really has to be the stage appearance of David Tennant and Billie Piper. This had been saved to the very end to give them star billing.

David has done a few events now, but manly just photocalls and autographs. This was Billie’s first, so she was a bit green to it all. You could see she was a little reserved and taken aback by seeing so many fans hanging on her very word, but she soon relaxed and got into the swing of things.

David is a lot more gregarious and outgoing, so he was able to carry stuff where Billie was less confident.

There was no interviewer or moderator - it was just an open mic for questions from the audience.
Before too long the questioning became quite probing - and I'm choosing my words deliberately there!

One person asked that if Rose had been a hooker like Billie’s character in Diary Of A Call Girl, how would The Doctor react? David said his character wouldn't judge her and would take her as he found her - which was an unfortunate turn of phrase!

Other questions included asking what they thought of the costumes seen at the event. Billie was very complimentary about the work that had gone into them and the originality of some (Dinner Lady Rose in particular).

Asked about the filming, Billie’s lasting memory was of long cold shoots on Welsh cliff tops and the friendliness of the crew she worked with.

Moving forward she acknowledged how working on it can at times dominate any conversation she has subsequently. It is something that follows her around, though she always looks back fondly and the biggest thing she misses about it is David!

The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

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