Tuesday 21 April 2009

Sum of its parts

Well, I have now finished ‘decorating’ (as I like to call it) all the main sections of the coat, and am ready to start bringing them together at last.

Before I do, here they are, and a little reminder of some of the details and features each has.

Capacity vent in centre of back; two top-stitched tailoring darts on each side of vent; four-buttoned slit with receiving buttonholes in enclosing pockets; lining integrally sewn at initial stage.

Welted pocket with separate pocket flap surface-sewn 1 inch above pocket; tailoring dart down centre; two underarm tailoring darts ending at pocket flap; four 28mm horn buttons along dart.

Orange Dupion flashed internal welted pockets.

Over-stitched back seam; single stitched underarm seam.

Assembling these together (apart from the sleeves - see next blog entry) is a quick and easy job, being just a simple seam down the sides, and an over-stitched seam on the shoulder.

This then gives me the first chance to see the coat coming together for the first time and the opportunity to put it on and feel the weight and drape of fabric.

I am getting quite excited about this now - its starting to look someway finished! My dream of have a real screen accurate replica coat is looking closer at last!

Can’t wait!

1 comment:

  1. Interested in the vent at the back. Is that sewn like a kick pleat? Or is it just two straight panels?