Saturday 21 March 2009

The Earl's Court Exhibition - all bets are off!

So - The Doctor is in town!

Had to go and say hello - didn't I?

As I said before, instead of the coat being in a spinning glass case, it was this time on open display. You could go up to it and touch it - take the closest look.

Here are some of my pictures from that day.
And before you ask - no, I have no shame.

It was real cool to be so close to the coat.
The fabric it is made from is real soft to the touch, almost like velvet. It is clearly a suede like material, but a real good quality one. The colour is complex, being made of a flecked fabric, with lighter longer fibres over a darker, shorter base.

Moving round to the back of the coat, I finally totally understood what that back slit and pleats was all about.

The pleats of the gusset carry on down to the hemline, with the right hand side extended to lap under the left.
The left then has a flap sewn at intervals along its height, equally spaced along with are four button holes. There are then buttons on the right to correspond with the holes. Only the top most button is done up (at all times).

Then, in the next room of the exhibition there was a display of the costume designs for the series. One of these is for The Doctor, and it contained a bombshell!!!!

A hand written caption on the display states:

'sofa' fabRiC
single Breasted 
with BACK 

Could this finally be THE lead that brings us to THE fabric used for the coat????

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  1. You're right - you have no shame! We very carefully and gingerly lifted up the pocket flap and felt horribly guilty for doing so.

    Thanks for being bold and investigating those minute details!