Saturday 21 March 2009

The Mk I coat

Having decided that the Honest Dragon coat was not up to the standards I demand (we will see more about that in future posts) I set about making my own and show them how it should be done.

The second Honest Dragon coat was so crap and unwearable (stinking of tar) I took it apart and used it as a pattern, making corrections and alterations as I went along.

I had come to the conclusion that that original coat had been made from some form of faux suede and not the wool mix that Honest Dragon had used.

Now I will say my first choice of fabric was not a good one. The only half decent faux suede I could find had a plastic backing to it. This I quickly found was a nightmare to work with. Most of the iron-on interfacing I used came off - the fabric was too stiff and my skills were a little rusty.

I finished it and it wasn't that good. In fact I never took any pictures and I eventually just threw it in the bin - which was annoying, especially since the material was £35 a metre.

Looking back I should have made a test coat of cheap calico like they all say.
I should have researched the fabric longer - but I just wanted to get in there and make my coat.

Not put off, striving for perfection and knowing I COULD do better I decided to have another go.

This time I would find the 'perfect' fabric and swat up on my technique . . . . 

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